Have a great spring break!

Please check folders, progress reports went home today! We started with shaving cream!

During morning meeting we checked out everyone’s home scavenger hunts and created a graph!

Books did not come home this week since we will be gone for a week of break!

Star of the day shared her cheetah😊

We got to fly kites today with Mrs. VanDine’s friends!


March 13th and 14th!

We are almost to spring break!! If you would like to donate to our Yoga and Wellness basket for the auction, please do by tomorrow. Thank you so much for all the donations already, I am so excited for it! Also please send back their home scavenger hunts tomorrow so we are able to graph everyone’s all together!

Wednesday we started our morning white boards! During morning meeting the class got to see a tour of my own house! (: We talked about how everyone’s home is same, same but different!

During centers I called friends over to work on number recognition. img_1059img_1060img_1058img_1048img_1049

Dance Party!


Mrs. Ransom came for Mandarin! (: img_1068img_1069img_1066img_1067img_1070img_1065

We finished the day with recess! img_1079img_1081img_1080img_1073img_1074img_1077img_1075img_1078

Our stars of the day for Wednesday and Thursday shared what lives on their bed! img_1083img_1109

Today we started the morning with journal entries. I asked them to draw an animal home! img_1086img_1088img_1087img_1089img_1090

During morning meeting we sorted the animals based on what habitat they live in! We even watched some awesome live videos of their habitats! img_1095img_1092img_1093img_1094

After snack and recess we headed to centers! I had Osmo numbers out to work on some math skills. img_1104img_1103img_1108img_1106img_1109img_1105img_1101img_1100img_1099img_1098img_1097img_1107img_1096

March 11th/12th

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week! We have had such a great week so far, getting to play outside has been so nice for everyone!

Monday we started the morning with centers! Quinn shared her pictures from being an amazing flower girl! img_0936img_0933img_0931img_0940img_0934img_0935img_0938img_0939img_0937img_0942

We had music! It was so much fun exploring new instruments! img_0953img_0956img_0959img_0960img_0955img_0954img_0958img_0950img_0957

Playing outside was the best, as always! img_0971img_0964img_0966img_0969img_0974-1img_0963img_0970img_0961img_0968img_0973-1

We finished the day with a rhyming match game! img_0976img_0981img_0978img_0979img_0977img_0980

Our star of the day shared her tooth! img_0975

Today we started the morning with some putty! img_1002img_1001

After morning meeting and snack we headed to centers! During centers the class worked on their addition to the auction! Mrs. Voltz is creating an art piece from everyones water colors. img_1008img_1009img_1006img_1005img_1004img_1014

The sunshine gets better and better everyday! img_1019img_1026img_1023img_1024img_1022img_1025img_1021

We finished the day with number bingo! img_1028img_1029img_1027

Star of the day shared her heart giraffe! img_1003

March 8th!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great day! If you could please send your house pictures ASAP, so I can make a book(: thank you!

Today we stared with games, morning meeting and snack! We did a see, think, wonder activity with an upside down house! Who knew there are so many fun houses out there? We were so lucky to finally go outside and play!

During centers everyone got new books (:

Our star of the day shared his awesome raccoon!

We ended the day with two mystery readers!!!

Have a great weekend (: if you’d like the donate to the basket, would appreciate it so much! Thank you!

March 7th!

Happy almost Friday! If you could please send me a picture of your child in front of their home, for our friend’s houses book! (: I would appreciate it so much!

We started our morning with white boards and working on our numbers! img_0831img_0832img_0829img_0826img_0833img_0830img_0825

After morning meeting we headed to snack! Since it is still cold 😦 we had recess in the gym! img_0841img_0837img_0836img_0835img_0838img_0842img_0839img_0840img_0834img_0843img_0844img_0845

During centers today we worked on number recognition with a fun game! They threw the sticky frog at each number to match them! img_0850-1img_0848img_0847img_0846-1img_0851img_0849img_0853img_0855img_0861img_0860img_0856

Our star of the day shared her purple and pink purse! Sorry we got a little excited and I forgot to snap a picture! Our new star of the day basket is…”Bring in 1 item off your bed.” (:




March 6th!

We started our morning with some Heidi songs! Then we did a cutting activity. (:

During centers I asked everyone to draw me their perfect idea of a house!

after centers Mrs.Ransom taught us all about colors and traffic Laws!

We finished our day in the gym!

March 5th!

Today we started with making play dough! We also had a little bit of a photoshoot 🤣

For our unit about homes we looked at everyone’s homes on google earth!

We even found papa mowing the grass!

We had centers then headed to the gym to play!

Our star of the day shared her blue things!