January 15th!

We started the morning with play dough! img_3642img_3645img_3647img_3646

Then we had morning meeting! During morning meeting we came up with the title for our class story, it is called The Lost Kitten!

We then had snack and centers. While in centers they worked on their Picasso faces. I had them cut out their own face and Picasso themselves! img_3678img_3666img_3665img_3659img_3670img_3671img_3668img_3650img_3657img_3652img_3654img_3655img_3653img_3667img_3661img_3663img_3651img_3672img_3643

It was gym day today, lucky since it was so chilly! We had free time then played duck duck goose and red light green light. img_3695img_3696img_3694img_3700img_3697img_3699

Once back to the room we did a write the room activity. They were beyond focused today during the activity! So many words were found. (: Finished the day with a number and letter recognition game! img_3710img_3707img_3703img_3701img_3702img_3709img_3708img_3704img_3706img_3725img_3718img_3723img_3712img_3716img_3721


January 14th!

Happy Monday! And Happy Birthday Jovie!

Today we started the morning with centers. While in centers they practiced reading their books and “I can Read!” pages. (:


During snack we sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! img_0483

We were so happy to go outside and play in the snow!!! img_0484img_0486img_0487img_0488img_0489

The Slide was so fast today!!


Winter Wonderland!!!
Borrowed some snow pants!! lol!


And now we lost them…!! (:

We headed to music! img_0513img_0511img_0508img_0506img_0505img_0504img_0503

January 10th~11th

We had some difficulties with pictures uploading yesterday so this post is of Thursday and today! (:

Thursday we started the day with some fun shaving cream!!

Today we started the morning with journal entries. I asked them if they were Rosie Revere the Engineer what would they create…

We then had morning meeting and snack! We had recess in the gym today and yesterday!

After gym we headed back to have centers today and yesterday! Today during centers they got to pick books to bring home. Yesterday we finished yarn paintings and gave their nature art titles.

Today we started talking about Picasso! And his amazing but sometimes crazy looking art. We introduced the Picasso boxes! They got to Picasso each other the life-size way.

Today we ended with a Mystery Reader!! Kiki brought in some snacks to go along with the book! img_0455

Have a great weekend!! (:

January 9th!

We have reached the halfway mark for this first full week!! Today we started with morning meeting. Our Star of the day shared her rhyming items. Elf and Shelf (forever holidays!), Cat and Hat.

We headed to the gym for morning recess today! The afternoon did get to enjoy the snow since it warmed up a bit. (:


We had snack then went to centers! Today we read the book “Extra Yarn” by Mac Barnett. To go along with the book we started the yarn “paintings.” img_0344img_0342img_0345img_0356img_0357img_0355img_0358img_0341img_0354img_0346img_0339img_0340img_0343img_0359img_0360img_0362img_0361img_0363img_0364

Mrs. Ransom came for Mandarin today! The class worked on shapes and family words. img_0351img_0348img_0349img_0352img_0347img_0350img_0353

Have a great night! (:



January 8th

Happy Tuesday! Today we started our morning with whiteboards! We then got started with morning meeting. After snack we headed to centers.

While in centers I had everyone come over one at a time to create a part of the new class book. It is such a creative and plot twisting book! They can not wait to share it with their families.

Some friends also built some fantastic forts! They were engineers and architects! We might try to build a big one to cover the whole rug!


After centers we headed to the gym! We played with scooters and had some rounds of freeze tag! They got very creative and decided to play freeze tag on the scooters (: img_0290img_0287img_0292img_0294img_0286img_0293img_0291img_0289img_0295img_0288

Recess was amazing with that oddly warm weather! img_0311img_0317img_0315img_0308img_0310img_0302img_0312img_0304img_0313img_0307img_0305img_0299img_0301

Once back to the room the Star Of The Day shared his two rhyming items. Ring and Silly String!! img_0318img_0319img_0320

We then finished the day with alphabet bingo! (: Have a great night and stay safe with all this crazy wind!

January 7th, 2019

Happy Monday! Today we started the morning with Centers. While in centers they read their take home book to me and practice their “I Can Read” img_0199img_0200img_0209img_0208img_0206img_0207img_0201img_0205img_0204img_0212img_0203




After Snack and Morning meeting we headed outside! So happy the rain isn’t here yet! img_0226img_0224img_0225img_0228img_0221img_0223


We headed to see Mr. F in music! We haven’t had music since before break! We sang songs and played a hide n seek game. Mr. F would hide the class frog and they would use their singing voices to tell him when he was getting closer. The louder they sang the closer he was! img_0231img_0230img_0232img_0229img_0233img_0234img_0235img_0236img_0237

We finished with Heidi Songs, Star of the day and our new poem! img_0219

Happy Friday!

We took advantage of the warmer weather today and explored the woods! While in the woods we tried to create art with nature! Some friends made moons, flowers, castles, hills and rocket ships!img_0160img_0158img_0157img_0161img_0155img_0150img_0153img_0156img_0145img_0154img_0148img_0144img_0143img_0141img_0139img_0128img_0125img_0130img_0129img_0132img_0134img_0136img_0137img_0138img_0126img_0122img_0124img_0121img_0127img_0128img_0118

After woods we had snack and centers. We sent home guided reading books and journal books. They are loving the new pretend snow trails!img_0170img_0168img_0162img_0174img_0166img_0169img_0165img_0163img_0173img_0171img_0167img_0172

We ended the day with star of the day! She brought in Hat and Mat!

Finally! Our mystery reader read us such an awesome book about being creative and making the world a magical place!